Final Interview

The final interview is the very last hurdle before entrance to the RAF. It felt good to be here. It’s been a couple of months short of a year since I applied and everything has gone as smoothly as I would have liked.

Fundamentally, this interview is certainly a pass/fail. Some people think it’s a guaranteed pass and put it place as more of a ‘formality’ than anything else. That’s not true. You can fail it. I’m not sure whether I was being over confident but I’d already bought quite a lot of my kit before the interview so clearly I didn’t plan on failing.

I arrived, albeit a bit late due to delayed trains, and instantly recognised two other guys who were on my PRTC. It was nice to have a chat about everything and one of them had had his interview already so I took the opportunity to find out what I could expect. Before I knew it, I was greeted by the Cpl and taken to what I thought would be the interview room. But no, I arrived at a set of scales. Weirdly enough, I was weighed. Not sure why, as I didn’t ask, but I definitely wasn’t expecting this! So off I went back down to the waiting room to be called for my interview. It wasn’t too long before the Sgt walked in and called out my name. He was very friendly and approachable which made the whole thing pleasant. I sat down in the interview room and was asked about my delayed trains and thanked for calling in to let them know. The interview began with a few questions about my application process. I was asked how it had gone, how I’d felt about it and whether anything could have gone any quicker or smoother. These were the only questions which differed from the first interview. Following these, I was asked why I’d chosen the RAF, all about current operations, UK and overseas bases, aircraft and all the usual things you could expect to be asked. I think the interview lasted around 15-20 at most, so not too long at all.

As soon as the interview had finished, I was told I had passed and was given my provisional offer of service.  I went back to the waiting room and proceeded to wait there for the other guy to have his interview.  Once he had come back, it became apparent we had all passed, and so all 3 of us were then taken into a classroom and given a run-through on some documents we’d been given by the Sgt. This took around 20 minutes, followed by a fairly informal chat where the Sgt gave us some advice for training which was welcoming to hear.

All in all, it was a very brief, straight forward event which I quite enjoyed. Being able to talk to a couple of the lads I’ll be going through training with was an added bonus, but even without that, the interview went very well which I was pleased with!

The application and selection process is now over. The next time that I have an updates to offer will be when I’m at RAF Halton for my basic training. Bring it on!


33 thoughts on “Final Interview

    • Nothing really springs to mind other than what I commented on in this post. Remember it is formal, it is pass/fail but it’s potentially the last time you’ll ever step inside your AFCO so just relax and enjoy it. You will already know what you need to know so don’t panic about it.

      Good luck!

    • It’s possible to fail the final interview through lack of preparation. You may have passed the first interview but how does your interviewer know you haven’t just stored all that info in your short term memory and forgotten it all the second you’ve passed and walked out the door? The final interview is basically to check that this is still what you want and that you know all you need to know. I know people who have changed their mind at the final interview and decided they don’t want to proceed. It serves quite a few purposes to be honest!

      Best of luck with your PRTC.

      • Thanks, that’s pretty true but I went through OASC and passed for WSOp… You reckon I’ll still get fully tested on everything including new news articles? I will prepare definitely. Want this more than anything but in terms of the articles should I have them ready? Also how is your BRTC going?

      • I can’t comment on that specifically because I never went through OASC and therefore never had news articles to consider in the first place. I’d prepare any way though. Maybe they won’t even mention it but there’s no harm in having your answers ready in case they do.

        I graduated from basic training mid-February. It was an enjoyable experience with many highs and lows. I know this is a fairly generic response but I’m working on updating the Basic Training page on this blog soon which will hopefully give a more in-depth insight.

  1. Hi Ryan,

    It’s been really good to read all of your posts, it’s been very helpful! I’ve recently applied for ICT technician and have quite a few questions I’m struggling to find answers to! If you wouldn’t mind dropping me an email at: I would really appreciate it! Hope all is going well in training for you,

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    • Hi Jenny

      Really happy to hear that you’ve found the blog helpful! All the best for your final interview and if you have any questions about basic training then please feel free to leave a comment here. I’ll be updating this blog quite soon, but you’ll probably be starting training before I do. So like I said, feel free to ask things here if you want to.

      • To list them would pretty much mean copy & pasting the initial interview questions here. It’s very much the same with a few extra questions about your application process thrown in. Some people decide by the time they get to the final interview that the RAF isn’t for them, and the final interview is a chance to tell them that. But they also want to know you’re still as determined as you were at the beginning. If they ask you all the same questions they did at the start but you don’t know the answers, it’ll become apparent you just had your answers stored in your short term memory the first time around. They want to see you actually have a wide knowledge of the job you’re going to do and who you’re going to work for.

  2. I have just stumbled across your blog and this is amazing! It is so helpful, and the RAF do not give anything away for each section of the process so it is nice to be slightly prepared! I am just about to do my PRTC in 2 weeks, and the page you did on that has put my mind at ease. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • You’re welcome! Things may have changed a little bit now but it’s still mostly the same. The other comments on here will give more updated info too so always worth reading what other have to say.

      If you need any specific questions answering then feel free to send them my way!

  3. Hey, ive just finished my PRTC was a great experience and well this blog has give me great confidence in what to expe t for my final hurdle for entrance, thank you for your experinces and telling us what to expect 🙂

  4. I’ve just passed my selection interview and got a date for my medical; I know it’s early on but I wanted ask what the civilian doctor checks? As some people have been turned away due to eye sight, but will the civilian doctor check eye sight or just general health? It might be a silly question but I was just curious. great blog by the way, hoping I get through everything coming up, and then will find this a great help to prepare for my final interview !

    • Eye sight is checked at the medical. You’ll do the standard Snellen chart test (Reading letters decreasing in size on the wall). You’ll also do the colour perception test (Ishihara test) which you’ve asked another question about. In my experience, I was just sat down next to the nurse by her desk and she put a small book in front of me with the mosaic number pictures and she just kept flicking through the pages as I reeled off the numbers I saw. There’s no tips or advice for this at all – apart from don’t be colour blind I guess?! There’s plenty of online tests that do the same thing though – just search Ishihara test. Good luck!

  5. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone may be able to advise. Have there been any Intelligence Analysts go through this procedure yet? My question would be, how long has the process been for them from start to finish? I have my filter interview on the 3rd August. Only put my application in on the 30th June. AST was yesterday which I passed. Loving reading everyones notes on here btw.

    • hey i know this is a delayed reply but I’m going for int an and my start date is at the end of the month, do you still need your questions answering?

      • Thanks for your willingness to help. It’s massively appreciated as I can’t answer people who require trade-specific questions. Hope all goes well with training. Remember it’s just a game. Be keen, have forensic-levels of attention to detail, be respectful of rank and you’ll be fine! Good luck.

  6. Hi,

    What I have found strange is that my Basic dates are on the 2nd of November but my final interview will be at least 5 – 6 days before basic training….Is this normal?


  7. Can I ask what the asked about aircraft? I wasn’t very sure on that in my first interview so I just want to know what they ask about this?

  8. My daughters process started in March 2016 and she has her final interview next week. The process has taken a long time but this blog has helped her so much along the way. For anyone considering a career in the RAF, I would highly recommend this website. Thank you Ryan for your help along this very long road.

    • Hi Jo,

      Really glad to hear about your daughters progress. It’s nice to see someone complete the process! Thank you for the kind words, no doubt you will have lots more questions when she starts her training so I’ll look forward to getting some updates and seeing how her training differs to my account of it on here!

      Thanks again and good luck to her.

  9. Thank you Ryan. My daughter cannot wait to go back to RAF Halton and even though every day is a day closer, it really cannot come quick enough for her. She is furiously preparing for her final interview next week and cannot speak more highly about her AFCO team that have supported her along the way. I am looking forward to hearing her stories as she goes through her training.

  10. Does anyone have any information on applying as a pilot? Are there specialised interviews that are much more in-depth/specific than the latter? I haven’t yet finished Secondary School but I am interested as to what is needed.


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