New blog!

As time goes on, I realise I need a new project and need to get some new updates out there. While this blog is still massively popular with over 80,000 views and regular comments, I’ve decided to start something new which will get updated regularly.

I will still be checking this blog daily and answering any questions that come my way but I’ll also be working on the new one which you can find via the link below. 

New blog here!!


5 thoughts on “New blog!

  1. Hello mate I’ve got a few questions if you don’t mind.

    I passed my AST for all but 6 roles even though I’m missing a science GCSE so I’m waiting to hear back about that. I understand during the 10 weeks training at Halton I will likely not be leaving to visit home at all, is this the case with the next phase of training? I’ve got a girlfriend with alot of questions so any info would help.



    • Hi Craig,
      Congrats on the AST and hope you get some good news regarding the GCSE soon.

      You can go home from Halton usually at the week 4/5 point. So unless you live ridiculously far away and have made the decision to stay, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t go home while at Halton. Further to that, phase 2 training is basically Monday to Friday meaning you can go home every weekend if you wish. There’s the possibility that you may have to stay one or two weekends if there’s a parade or if your course messes up but that’s not going to happen often at all.

      I understand having a girlfriend means lots of questions and reassurance so feel free to send over as many questions and you need and I’ll answer them all as best I can!

  2. Hi Ryan my son is currently at Halton doing just about to start exercise blue warrior – for some reason he thinks he will fail this as he believes he is too slow and says he will quit as doen’t want to be re-flighted – any advice from you would be much appreciated

    • Hey,
      Firstly, he’s done great to get to where he is already. There’s no way he would have gotten to blue warrior if he was slow or below average. I had the exact same fears. My least favourite thing was blue warrior because it involves all the things I dislike. I was absolutely certain I was going to be reflighted during blue warrior but the truth is, you don’t realise how much you have developed and improved because you’re too busy to notice. I guarantee that he has picked up countless new skills and abilities that he doesn’t even know about. Everyone is nervous for blue warrior but you’re all in it together and people will help you out in the same way that you’ll help other people out too. I remember I failed one of the morning inspections because I’d stupidly forgot to fill my water bottle. The next morning, I had about 6 different people ask me if I’d filled my water bottle. They were just as busy as I was but they’d remembered and taken their own time to make sure I’d not done the same thing again. It’s a huge team effort.

      Most importantly, as I said earlier, if he wasn’t good enough to be there, he wouldn’t be there. He passed all the exams to prove that he’s earned his place. It’s no different this time except it’s a little bit colder, a little more tiring and you’re in an unfamiliar place. It’s not constant tests either which is what I thought it was initially. You’re still learning while you’re there and you still have lessons. Some of them are quite fun, we spent some time learning camouflage and concealment which basically meant we covered our faces in camo cream and stuffed a load of grass and twigs into our helmet covers. Some people looked great… others not so great. It’s still possible to have a laugh and enjoy some parts of it. He just needs to make sure he listens constantly. You get told everything you need to do, so all you need to do is listen and then do what is being asked of you.

      I’m absolutely sure he will be fine, and quitting at this stage would be a huge waste of time. A lot of effort has gone into getting this far and as soon as blue warrior is done, he’s on the home straight!

      Hope all goes well and best of luck to him.

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