What you’ll find on this blog

Above this post, you’ll see a number of pages which document my experience of each of the stages in the RAF application and Selection process.

There have been ups and downs, but mostly ups, which is always good! I’ve spoken to many people going through the process also, some who I offered advice to and some who offered advice to me. I think the most important thing to do is to gain knowledge and then pass it on. It’s not all about competition, and it’s of huge benefit to work as a team as much as possible which is what this blog has mainly been about for me. I’ve done it, got the experience, and now I want to help others by offering an insight into everything I did. To any one who helped me a long the way, then I appreciate it massively. The RAF Recruitment team are all absolutely brilliant and have answered countless questions and queries for me a long the way, so a huge thanks has to go to them!

I would also like to add that a number of things may have changed since I went through the whole application and selection, so please don’t take what you read here as 100% certain. Always get confirmation off the people with the latest and most up to date information which would be the RAF Recruitment team. You can find them on Facebook as ‘RAF Recruitment’ and on Twitter as @RAF_Recruitment